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Who are we?

A team of uniquely skilled, collaborative WordPress pros whose combined efforts create outstanding websites that deliver effortless user experiences and comprehensive results for their owners.



Exclusively WordPress Web Design

No fancy head shots

Because frankly, our pets are much more photogenic. In alphabetical order . . .


He is not a cat. He may look & act like a cat at times, but he is uniquely Teddy. Staying on top is his goal as well as staying in charge of everything. A consummate multi-tasker, Teddy is far wiser than he appears. And he knows it.

Tracey Stewart


With a background in English Literature and Human Resources, she hit the ground running with web site design for highly successful businesses. What a site says, how it reads and what site users need to know is paramount for Tracey and results are her passion.  She discovered WordPress as a content delivery venue then quickly embraced its flexible design, and never looked back. 


He's a Basenji. Basenji's don't bark, or act like normal dogs. Winston isn't even a normal Basenji. He makes sure that everything in life is on schedule, minimal and trouble free. And that he has plenty of soft spots to land on.

Carmella Troisi


Author of cross stitch books, illustrator and magazine publisher, she started professional life as a registered nurse specializing in cardiovascular surgery. Always enamored with computer graphic design,  she began developing websites for organizations, small businesses and event promotion. She is always on a mission to design sites that make sense and are easy to use. 

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