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First, we talk

and figure out what you want and need. We wish we could just say a website will cost $$ and off we go. We can’t. Every site is different, YOU are different. And you DESERVE a great website.


we determine if we will be a good fit.


Because building a website is a collaboration.

It takes time, it takes cooperation and in the end, it’s a joint effort on your part and on ours. It really can’t be done any other way.


Exclusively WordPress Web Design

What it takes

The steps to build a website for you


The Website Estimate

After we talk, and determine that we’re good fit, we will provide a complete website estimate.  It includes what we need to build your site, how long it will take, and of course, how much it will cost.

When you get our estimate, do know that we’re guessing, and we have learned it best to guess on the high rather than the low side. 99% of the time, the final bill is below our initial estimate.  That’s a good thing!

Depending on what you want and need, our estimate details everything you need for website. Need hosting?  Need emails?  Need a way to sell things? Need a newsletter to send to your contacts?  Need social media integration? Yes, we can do all that, to name just a few of the things, and we can do even more.



The Website Contract

When you accept our estimate, we then send you our contract. Read it, then sign.  When you submit our contract, we ask for and expect a percentage of our cost estimate. This establishes the date we start working for you.



Website Build

You will be a big part of the building process because we NEED your input.  A lot more than you might think.

Your ideas and your images, your written words and your direction for many aspects are of the site are vital. Without your input, we cannot put your vision online. This will take a time commitment on your part to communicate with us.

We may seem overly concerned about this, but from experience, we know that we cannot read minds. We tried and failed! Your input is part of the process, every step of the way. And we will do our best not to nag you for your input, as we are polite & professional.


The Website Launch

Before launch, there are plenty of revisions, modifications and thorough testing that must be done to make sure your site looks great, and works great too. This can be tedious. Be patient, we’ll get you to the finish line.

Finally, the exciting part. Your website is alive and you announce to the world that you’re here. It’s the best.


Let’s Get Started

You are serious and so are we. Let us know what you need today.